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Black Cow Milk Vodka, Dorset, 40%

Vodka, made in Dorset, from milk. Yes, really. One of the smoothest, and literally creamiest vodkas you are likely to come across. Dairy farmer Jason Barber separates the curds and the whey. The curds go into making Cheddar whilst the whey is used for the vodka. Genius!

About the distillery

Black Cow Vodka rose to fame in 2012 when dairy farmer Jason Barber (the man behind Barber's Cheddar) decided to use a waste product of cheese production - whey - to create a deliciously smooth, milk based Vodka.

Black Cow is based on a farm in the heart of West Dorset, a cross-country ramble several miles from Beaminster. Jason’s 250-strong herd of dairy cows graze on nearby fields and the vodka is distilled and bottled on site by hand.