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Our Story

Our story

The journey

From the arid plantations on the edge of the Mexican desert, through the rugged glens of the Scottish Highlands, to the undulating vineyards of Cognac in Southwest France, successive generations have been distilling the fermented liquor of agave, barley, grape, cane sugar and other fruits, plants and grains.  Enjoyed either immediately – like gin – or after many decades of barrel ageing – like Cognac or whisky. The world of spirits is infinite, fascinating, entertaining, distracting and a giver of great pleasure. 

Step into The Spirits Room – whether at our compelling shop at Newlyns Farm in Hampshire, or here online – and discover an array of bottles that encompass the affordable, the rare, and the aspirational.  

Assembled by our Spirits Master, Will Blakeley, whose knowledge and expertise are greater than his years. Be guided and challenged, allow your preconceptions to be shattered. 

We celebrate alchemy and exploration.  

Welcome to The Spirits Room.

Will Blakeley

Will is our in-house spirits expert, a fountain of knowledge on all things above 20% ABV!  

For Will, spirits are all about people and stories. Whether it’s sharing a bottle of whisky with a long-unseen relative or friend, enjoying (or otherwise) a local tot after a good meal on holiday, or relaxing in the comfort of home with a personal favourite, the unifying nature of a glass of whisky, rum, brandy, gin, tequila, mezcal, raki or whatever it happens to be creates experiences and memories to treasure. 

Each bottle has its own unique history and tale to tell, encompassing a particular moment in time and often maturing for decades. Learning these fantastic stories and sharing them with others continues to be Will’s passion and motivation.  

So pop into The Spirits Room, share a dram, tell tales, and enjoy the ever-evolving adventure of Spirits.

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