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Bruichladdich 30-Year-Old Islay Single Malt Whisky, 43%

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The Bruichladdich story almost ended in the late 20th century when the doors to the distillery were forced to close. Since 2001, Bruichladdich have rebuilt and restored the Victorian distillery, uncovering and safeguarding the single malts which have been quietly maturing for over 30 years. The Bruichladdich Thirty is a story of resurrection.

Shaped by an all Islay maturation, under theguardianship of determined hands, this spirit pays homage to the survival of the rarest – almost lost– single malts. Using time honoured techniques, handed down from generation to generation, this bourbon-matured single malt is delicate and refined. A bottled legacy which has passed through many hands, The Bruichladdich Thirty captures a pivotal moment in time for the distillery, its people, and their steadfast island community. 

Tasting Note from the Distillery

Delicate, refined and calmly confident, The Bruichladdich Thirty is 100% bourbon matured and has a subtle sweetness of toasted oak, honey and soft vanilla. A hint of dark chocolate complements its elegant floral profile, while the gentle influence of marine, Islay sea air lingers. 

Cask maturation profile:

The 30 Year Old single malt is 100% bourbon matured, bringing out the very best of Bruichladdich’s signature floral and fruity character. 50% full term maturation in refill hogsheads, and 50% refill hogsheads which were recasked into fresh bourbon after 20 years, vatted and married in refill bourbon barrels for a final three months before bottling. Bruichladdich spirit at its finest.

About the distillery

The Bruichladdich distillery on Islay is at the forefront of environmental action in Scotland's whisky industry. A recent project launched in 2021 aims to use sustainable energy to heat the distillery, creating only water as a waste product, eliminating all CO2 emissions.

Alongside their environmental credentials, Bruichladdich also proudly practices a very traditional approach to distilling that is fairly radical today. All their Single Malt Whiskies are based on Scottish Barley, with around half of that coming from Islay itself, and 5% organically grown.

Three whiskies in different styles are produced at Bruichladdich: The unpeated Bruichladdich bottles, the heavily peated Port Charlotte, and the ultra-heavily peated Octomore.

All Bruichladdich's whisky focus on terroir, quality, and careful cask maturation, with a degree of detail seen in few distilleries anywhere else in the world.