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Michter's US*1 Small Batch Sour Mash Whiskey, 43%

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The "Sour Mash" derives its name from the American Whiskey production process whereby previously fermented 'mash' (a solution of grain and water which forms the base for all whiskies) is used as the starter for the new mash to be fermented - much like making sourdough bread. 

With Michter's unique grain selection, this whiskey is neither Rye (which must legally contain 51% of the mash bill) nor Bourbon (51% corn), but that didn't stop it being named "Whisky of The Year" in 2019 by The Whisky Exchange!  The Sour Mash process itself ensures consistency, so it's unsurprising this continues to be one of the tastiest American Whiskies on the market.

Tasting note:  Warm toasted burnt sugar notes, with spice, sweet, smoky fruit, candied cherries, and honeyed vanilla.  Sweet biscuity, floral and peppery touches appear on the long finish.

About the distillery

Michter's distilling heritage traces back to 1753 when Swiss Mennonite farmer John Shenk founded the original whiskey company and distillery in the Pennsylvania Blue Mountain Valley.

Michter's more recent history, however, really begins in the 1990s when two men sought to revive the much loved (but sadly declined) brand down in Kentucky, the heartland of American Whiskey.

Their aim was simple: to honour the Michter's legacy by producing the best whiskey possible, cost be damned!

The Michter's range of US*1 Whiskies offer a truly delicious insight into the long history of the company, and indeed American Whiskey production.

Crafted using only the finest ingredients and traditional, costly techniques, there's a rich yet mellow character to these gorgeous whiskeys, which are hard to match for sheer enjoyability.

As John Mariani of Bloomberg points out, these are American Whiskeys whose elegance and complexity will stand up to any Scotch or Cognac drinkers palate.