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Griffiths Brothers Nine Tails Coconut Rum, 38%

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Introducing the Nine Tails Coconut Rum, a premium quality rum made from the finest Jamaican ingredients. This 70cl bottle is expertly blended with real coconut water, resulting in a beautifully rich and authentic coconut flavour.
At 38% ABV, it is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing with your favourite mixer for a delicious cocktail. We recommend trying it with cranberry juice, ice and a squeeze of lime, for a refreshing and tropical taste. Alternatively, enjoy it with lemonade or Coke and a wedge of lime, for a classic and refreshing drink. 

About the distillery

Based in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire, the Griffiths brothers have established the fist craft distillery in the area.

Their unique spirits are cold distilled, an unusual process whereby each separate botanical is macerated to draw out the essential oils, before two rotary evaporators distil each botanical in a glass vacuum at room temperature. This allows all the fresh, pure and clean flavours of each botanical to be locked in, leading to the unique Griffiths Bros. style.

A range of spiced rums are also produced in the same method using a base of different caribbean rums infused with hand-selected spices and flavours.