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Ilegal Añejo Mezcal, 40%

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Quite simply a spirits everybody should try at some point, this Ilegal Añejo aged Mezcal is beyond scrummy.  Aged for 13 months in a mixture of American and French oak, this has stunning maple, clove, orange, dark chocolate and sweet agave flavours, with a rich and wonderfully rounded palate.  Sipping Mezcal at it's finest.


About the distillery

Desperate for a good Mezcal to stock at his bar, Café No Sé, John Rexer began smuggling artisanal Mezcal from Oaxaca to Guatemala in 2004. Once in his bar, it didn't take long for word to get out about this smooth and smoky spirit that was only available from the backroom at Café No Sé. Soon, this Mezcal was being carried in the luggage of travellers passing from Guatemala to America and beyond. In late 2009, Ilegal Mezcal became legal and today is available in the USA, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean.

Mezcal was named Vino de Mezcal by the Spanish as it was made under specific vintage conditions with characters relating to a particular harvest. Like the original Mezcals, Ilegal is produced and hand bottled in small batches, with each bottle receiving its own number within a specifically numbered lot.