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Keigetsu Gin-no-Yume Junmai-Daiginjo 45 (30cl)

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Since their founding in 1877, Keigetsu have manufactured high quality sake, using their abundant water and clean air from mountains in nothern Kochi-prefecture (the “Tosa-Reihoku region”).

Junmai-Daiginjo is a measure of quality; a marker that it is regarded as the finest style of Sake.

The ‘Gin-no-Yume Junmai Daiginjo 45’ is made from Gin-no-Yume rice with a 45% polish. It has delicate aromas of lychee and rose. It is dry on the palate and has great purity on the finish. The ‘Nature’ is made from Yamadanishiki rice, which is polished to 45%. It is made using the oldest sake starter method, called Kimoto, and has an elegant, pure nose of expressive stone fruit and white blossom, with a very well-balanced palate and a long finish.

Tasting Note: On the nose there is refreshing hints of citrus, fresh lychee and jasmine with notes of solid Junmai base in the background, these follow through to the palate; fine acidity with the citrus, along with rose petal, and wild strawberry. It offers the elegance and sophistication on finding the balance of elements; structure, fruits and acidity. Drinks well on its own and incredibly food friendly in style.

Serving Suggestion: Chilled, 5C-15C

Alcohol: 15.0%

Rice: Gin no Yume (Rice Polishing: 45%)