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Salcombe Island Street Spiced Gold Rum, 40%

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Famous for hauling back fresh fruits and spices from distant, exotic ports, the Salcombe Fruiters of the 19th century frequently sailed to the West Indies to retrieve an even more luxurious cargo: sugar, molasses, and rum. Onboard these vessels, hogsheads and puncheons of the lush liquor were stowed away and enveloped by coconuts to guard the valuable freight from the dangers of the Atlantic crossing.

Salcombe Rum ‘Island Street’ is a transatlantic spiced gold rum crafted by Salcombe Distilling Co. by blending single estate gold rum produced in Salcombe with exotic rums and spices from the Caribbean. Crafted by blending a single estate gold rum that is fermented, distilled and aged in Salcombe, together with hand sourced gold rums from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic along with a unique blend of spices.

Best served as an ‘Island Street & Ginger’. Add 50ml of Salcombe Rum ‘Island Street’ with 150ml premium ginger ale or beer in a highball glass over plenty of ice. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Tasting Note: A bouquet of enticing notes of delicate brown sugar, rum baba, toasted coconut, spiced compote, and a wisp of pineapple. Palate-pleasing flavors of gingerbread cake, mince pie amalgam, and a touch of vanilla, all meld together in perfect harmony with a soft background of fresh pineapple. The finish is rich and sustained, with hints of pecan nuts and a subtle floral essence.

Alcohol: 40.0%