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Toutain 3-Year-Old Reserve Calvados, 40%

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The Toutain calvados are obtained after distillation of naturally fermented ciders which are then aged in French oak casks.  Based in the AOC Calvados Pays d’Auge geographical area, all of their products are made within strict standards and traditional techniques.

The bitter/sweet apples are mainly picked and crushed in a membrane press to get the flavour from the skins. There are several varieties including Saint Martin, Noel des Champs, Mettais and Doux Normandie. The apples are small with high aromatic intensity. Fermented to cider and kept in barrels for several years, the vintage cider is then distilled once to an ABV of between 68% and 72%. The calvados is aged for a further 3 years in oak for added complexity.

Aroma: Very fruity and complex; apple aromas with hints of vanilla and citrus.

Flavour: Fresh with a strong palate, full of taste. A lingering flavour of cooked apples.