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Zarić Kraljica Serbian Plum Rakija, 42%

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A true masterpiece of Serbian plum rakia and the only one with Protected Geographical Origin, Kraljica is made from 100% finest old rakia plum varieties Požegača, Ranka and Trnovača that are most prevalent in the Kosjerić area with its exceptional plum-growing climate at an altitude of 500-900m. It is double distilled (prepečenica) and aged for 7 years in oak barrels, with transparent amber colour and rich, intense aromas of plums and vanilla, full bodied harmonious fruit taste and a very long oak aftertaste. It is equally good when drunk slightly warmed or completely chilled, it is often compared to French cognac or Scotch malt whisky. Chilled Kraljica goes well with appetizers, white cheeses, smoked ham, all kinds of grilled meats and vegetables as well as nuts (almonds, walnuts). Served slightly warmed like a French cognac it a great digestive after the meal with a cup of black coffee and black chocolate.